Kinohimitsu Birdnest
Bird's Nest
The Timeless Gift
Sourced from the finest bird's nests, hand-picked with precision and purified thoroughly with modern technology, obtain nature’s ever-abundant gifts of health and beauty in a single drink.
Savour the Essence of Flowers
Bird's Nest with Chrysanthemum
Native to the lands of Asia and northeastern Europe, the chrysanthemum flower is cultivated for a variety of uses, including culinary and cultural use. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is consumed to eliminate toxins, regulate body temperature and treat colds and flu.

Bird's Nest with Jasmine
Grown in the tropical regions of Eurasia and Oceania, the jasmine flower is cultivated for its fragrant scent and its use as ornaments, commonly used in cultural ceremonies and festivals in Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to regulate functions of the stomach, liver and occasionally the lungs.

Bird's Nest with Butterfly Pea
Known for its vibrant indigo petals, the butterfly pea flower is popular as food colouring, particularly in the region of Southeast Asia. Not only does it act as a dye, it also contains antioxidants that aids with the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. In traditional Chinese medicine, the butterfly pea flower is consumed for its calming properties.

The Gift of
Motherly Love
Treat your loved ones to the different flavours of bird’s nest drinks with Floral Bird’s Nest. Containing chrysanthemum, jasmine and butterfly pea flavoured drinks.
Floral Bird’s Nest Limited Edition Gift Set
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Bird’s Nest with Butterfly Pea Flower
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Bird’s Nest with Jasmine
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Bird’s Nest with Chrysanthemum
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